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The primary purpose of this website is to give those interested in PEMF's (pulsed electromagnetic fields) insights into the fundamental significance, the scientific background and the effects of the increasingly popular complementary medical application of PEMF's. In the last 5 years much has been accomplished and positively changed specifically in the field of PEMF systems for home use.

Colloquially and sometimes misleadingly also called "magnetic field therapy ", PEMF's (pulsing electromagnetic fields) encompasses an immense spectrum making it almost impossible for the uninformed layperson to assess and differentiate among individual concepts, application forms and the systems or devices offered on the market today. provides assistance to understand the actual mechanism this principle and at the same time assists those who intend to purchase a highly advanced system for home use in their decision-making. The contents of this site is NOT intended (which as also strictly prohibited by law) to promote or give medical or therapeutic recommendations for specific diseases without prior consultation with a doctor or other health care practitioner. PEMF systems are also often described with terms such as "magnetic field therapy systems or devices" as well as with the established term for the latest generation of systems on the market "intelligent magnetic-resonance-stimulation systems" (iMRS, iMRS one).

The initiators of this page are primarily focused on systems for home use and the latest generation of iMRS / , iMRS one systems available on the market today. Have fun "learning" and "experiencing" this 5000 years old "cure" that made its entry into the modern holistic medicine as recently as 60 years ago.


PEMF Studies

There are over 1600 published studies about the beneficial effects of PEMF's available in the national library of medicine.

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PEMF Videos

Interesting and informative videos about pulsed electro magnetic fields as well as well-chosen, international Testimonials.

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PEMF Literature

There are numerous books describing the benefitial effects of PEMF's as well as very interesting literature about Energy Medicine.

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PEMF Links

Continuing links to interesting Internet websites about pulsed electro magnetic fields and magnetic resonance stimulation.

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